Sunday 11 September 2016

Probably the thing I do most on the internet is look at porn. I don't know that I actually enjoy ity much but I certaibly seem to do it enough, to the point where  to some extent, I actively hate it. I don't mean I'm especially conflicted, convinced that looking at people fucking is "wrong" or Heehee"sinful" -no I just hate how much f(ucking) time it takes up-time when I could be doing something useful like writing or drinking tea or contributing to wesites, or stuff-you know; and to make matters worse a lot of the time that porn takes up is time waiting for the fucking ads to download. and to make matters even worse the ads are just so fucked they make your eyes bleed so you can't even see the porn. The was one ad-and I mean, what fuckwit came up with this? A small yellow-on-black animated gifwould appear saying "my Penis Exploded" the word "exploded would vibrate violently so you got the idea Now *this* is an inducement? Or a warning? I, for one, don't want my penis to explode, I mean, consider the wallpaper! And I find my penis quite useful, and over the years I've grown quite attached to it and I'd pretty sure I don't wan't it exploding-especially while I'm wanking it.I mean I remember all those horror stories from back before they banned firecracker night-back when people were blowing biits and pieces offf themselves and other people with the explosives we lovingly knew as "bungers" -and can you imagine nowadays? Some mad, porn equipped ISIS crazed by Allah and some sort of radish Mullah, wanking under his robes until his penis *exploded*-blood and bodies everywhere- Tony Abbott finding the carnage slightly harder  to describe as the work of a "death cult"considering the way that the casualties have been fucked- and if you're still with me; considering the apocalyptic power contained within his own body- sine he is of course the largest penis in the world

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