Friday 10 April 2015

Off the Roll

Pages, now don't get me started about pages. WTF happened to "Pages?" Oh yes, Steve Jobs died and without his pointy-toed boot/rump steering technique, the once adequate ship veered off course, filled with water, started wallowing in heavy seas and suffered an embarrassing series of slow speed mutinies by disinterest. most of the managers made their hair go all pointy with product and then took to the boats. They were last seen contentedly fishing, and living  frugally off their retirement savings. In the meantime, the application they were meant to be developing as a flagship of the Apple Mac, was largely ignored, went to seed and started growing,and quickly became firmly "the most beautiful Wordprocessor, everI can still remember Steve Jobs introducing Pages  "the most beautiful Wordprocessor, ever-to dutiful, but faint praise, after all, the"faithful" had already been through the mill with Word" and could be forgiven for thinking that there was no such animal as a beautiful word processor-still less a tame one and probably not one that wasn't a vermin-ridden varmint either. to paraphrase Mark Twain "when I hear the word(s) 'word Processor', I reach for my revolver."Then on the big centre screen, the master showman started putting 'Pages' through its paces-and the crowd's heart's melted."you wanted a picture in the text? Plonk! Pages wrapped the text intelligently around rhe picture."move the picture? The text flowed seamlessly around the picture as he dragged it around the page

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